Central Park

     Nasty Gal Sunglasses, gifted crop top, F21 Skirt

Throwback to the summer, when I could read in central park with a crop top. Also, I am in need of a good read, does anyone have any recommendations? Please share!
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Take me back to Paris!

Tory burch flats, Burberry button up, F21 blazer, Nastygal sunglasses (unavailable) similar

Looking back at these pictures makes me consider in cutting my bangs again! Should I? The excuses I keep repeating in my head is that
1. New York will become colder in less than 3 weeks and the bangs will cover have of my face so I will be warm
2. I can look a little more like Zoey Deschanel

Oh are those excuses not good? hmm..

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