Soaring through the air

I've always wanted to go skydiving. So last Christmas break (while I was still in Europe living my wanderlust dream) I found a voucher on living social to go skydiving for a cheaper price. I was doing all these crazy things in Europe already (like cliff jumping,which gave me the worst wedgie of my whole life) so I thought, why not?  Without hesitation I bought it. And just last week me and two of my best friends drove over to long island to jump off the sky. Let me just say, it is on my top 5 experiences of my whole life. YOU HAVE TO DO IT!!!!
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Santorini photo diary

Let me just say, Santorini is heaven on Earth and it should be on everyone's bucket list. The sunsets are from another world, and there is so much history behind this island and its famous volcano!! I've fantasized about coming to Greece since forever, so this was a dream come true.
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